FreshCorp is an event-production organization specializing in electronic, hip-hop and indie music events.

The current incarnation of FreshCorp was founded in 2004, but the organization, under the name Groove, was originally created in 1991. Three years later the organization was restructured and renamed Tribe 9, reflecting a belief that the progressive underground culture was a sort of “final tribe” that would usher in a new age of openness, consciousness and equality.
Tribe 9 became one of the most respected electronic music event producers in the country, creating massive one-off events and weekly club nights such as Bionic, Soundlab No.9 and E.X.A.T. Tribe 9 also created a zine, N.U.D.E (Nations United, Division Extinct), operated a clothing store (Space 19) and a clothing line (Digital Laundre).
1997 brought another change. The new name was Constructive, a reflection of the creative energy in Detroit. As Constructive, the group struck gold with one of Detroit’s most popular club nights, FAMILY. The nationally recognized event (voted “Favorite Club Event” by national publication URB Magazine) was one of the country’s longest lasting weekly club events. In 2004, the organization was renamed FreshCorp. Currently, FreshCorp produces a number of events including Fierce Hot Mess and Release. FreshCorp provides support to Dally In The Alley, Detroit Design Festival, and other large events. The organization also provides street-level promotion and marketing for venues and one-off events.

FreshCorp is one of the most prolific and dynamic event production companies based in the mid-west.

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