DEMF Returns / FEMT Launches!
Dec 2013 06

DEMF Returns / FEMT Launches!

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 Celebrating the Return of the World’s Beloved Dance Party

Introducing the Advancement of Electronic Music Presentation


Today City of Detroit Officials, business leaders and festival producers announced what will now be the world’s largest electronic music festival experience. This spectacular international event will take place next summer on 4th of July weekend 2014 in the heart of the city that created Techno.

Two distinctive electronic music festivals – the DEMF, a free-of-charge, world dance party in what was recently recognized as the top urban park in the United States, and the Federation of Electronic Music Technology, a technological spectacle in a state-of-the-art U.S. stadium – will launch as one complete and exceptional festival experience. A walking route through the heart of this music city’s center will connect these two simultaneously operating special events, creating a ½ mile area as the new epicenter for dance music the world over.

The internationally beloved DEMF – Detroit Electronic Music Festival – is the first major electronic music festival in America that launched in 2000 to global acclaim and was last presented in Hart Plaza in Detroit in 2002. It will once again grace the world stage with its driving beats and powerful message of unity as a very special, free-of-charge event for all to enjoy. Its special mission is to bring the world together through the power of dance music.  Carol Marvin, Festival Founder and DEMF Executive Producer describes the event’s powerful nature: “What is a more beautiful sight than people of every age, race, gender, style and lifestyle dancing together in the heart of a great city? It honestly is like witnessing heaven on earth. Presenting the DEMF in this incredible setting and in a day when dance music is at an all time high in popularity in the U.S. will make history once again and truly bring the world together like never before.”

Campus Martius Park – the very Point of Origin for the city of Detroit (8 Mile Road is measured from a historic, founding marker in the park) – will host the DEMF. As the central place of the entire metropolitan region, it is a perfect location for a celebration of a music that this great town founded.

Bob Gregory, President of the Detroit 300 Conservancy, the non-profit organization that operates this Detroit showplace explains, “Campus Martius Park is Detroit’s Award Winning Gathering Place, welcoming over two million annual visitors to the heart of downtown.  Presenting an international free music event of this scope and caliber in the park will offer yet another great experience for everyone to enjoy.”

The Detroit Electronic Music Festival will also present major dance music headlining performers, favorites on the global stage of today. Fans will get the chance to dance the day and night away at a rare event that is both world-class and inclusive of all. Featuring 5 main performance stages within the park and on its adjacent classic Detroit streets, the DEMF will create an exceptional footprint for a world party of epic proportions. One stage will be solely dedicated to the best of Detroit Techno, featuring the artists whose beats drive the city’s heart. The International and Main Stages will feature top DJs from 20+ countries of the world, creating a veritable Olympics of electronic music, a United Nations of Techno. Top clubs from the world’s major cities will be sending a selected DJ to act as an ambassador of their country and electronic music industry. The DEMF World Club & DJ Ambassador Program will celebrate the universal language of dance music and its ability to act as an inspiring and connective art form.

DEMF 2014 will also include select electronic music cultural exhibitions, retailers, refreshments and more to ensure a complete modern festival experience for all of its special guests next summer.

The Federation of Electronic Music Technology, sister festival of the DEMF, will make international entertainment history on a number of levels with its technologically advanced presentation.  Its mission: Presenting the world of electronic music arts, technology, fashion, film and culture through the vision of its most innovative artists. This special directive will be fulfilled through the creation of unprecedented, significant showcases by over 50 of the world’s most influential electronic music creators within 5 performance spaces in spectacular Ford Field stadium.

“We are excited to be part of what should become another benchmark in Detroit’s rich music tradition,” said Kelly Urquhart-Kozole, Detroit Lions Vice President Events. “Ford Field’s industrial design and Detroit aesthetic make it a natural venue to host an international audience for this innovative exhibition of electronic music technology.”

In this respect, the Federation of Electronic Music Technology is proud to announce a first-ever live performance by Cybotron at the 2014 event. This collaboration’s impact on electronic music is unmatched. Formed in Detroit in the early 80’s, Cybotron created the blueprint for Electro and Detroit Techno. Influenced by synth-pioneers Kraftwerk and Yellow Magic Orchestra and Parliament-esque funk, Cybotron crafted a futuristic dance sound that took Detroit, then the world, by storm. Hits like Clear, R-9 and Cosmic Cars were club favorites domestically and abroad, providing the soundtrack to a generation. Members Juan Atkins and Rick Davis’ first ever live performance as Cybotron is beyond history-making. This is the very definition of epic.

Atkins will also present Model 500, the pseudonym of the techno godfather, in an advanced sound and audio display featuring 3-D technology as well as very special guest performers and participants. Model 500 is a nod to the progressive ideas of Henry Ford (Model T, A, etc.), the ideology of Model 500 is all about the future. A rare live performance from M5 will redefine what electronic music performances can be.

FEMT is also proud to announce a special presentation by Underground Resistance. UR is one of the most prolific and respected electronic music entities in the world. This collective from Detroit has influenced the current sound defined as Detroit Techno and inspired a darker, more serious take on the genre. DJs and producers from all over the globe have recognized their contributions, including electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk, who incorporated UR remixes into their live set.  A special presentation from UR in the hi-tech setting of the FEMT will properly display their forward-thinking vision and fulfill the deepest global fans of Detroit Techno.

Adriel Thornton, Festival Music & Production Director cites, “The FEMT is one of the most innovative experiential concepts in the world. The showcasing of electronic music and technology in a hi-tech stadium setting, virtually turning a stadium into a club, is unprecedented.”  The FEMT will feature an air-conditioned summertime dance & entertainment environment with a spectacular central main stage on the stadium field and 5 more state-of-the-art performance spaces in various locations throughout the stadium. Additionally, artist lectures & panels, educational arts & technology labs, studio tutorials and techno-based exhibitions will be hosted. This multi-dimensional presentation will provide an unequalled festival destination for the most discerning of electronic music interests.

FEMT tickets are available beginning November 22, 2013 at Weekend passes are $300; Priority FEMT Access VIP Weekend Packages are $1,500. Proceeds from the Federation of Electronic Music Technology make the free DEMF possible. The great fans who participate at the FEMT are giving the world the gift of the free-of-charge Detroit Electronic Music Festival for everyone to enjoy.

Another highlight of both festivals will be the international digital arts installations brought to the United States for first-time by the event’s Curator of Festival Arts Programming, Olof van Winden, Founder of Today’s Art in The Hague, Netherlands. Renowned for his visionary work combining multidisciplinary arts in technologically advanced installations, Olof’s contribution to both the DEMF and FEMT will create a powerful and exceptional visual foundation for the festival experience.

The important production of these two international festivals will be valuable to Detroit and the world in many meaningful ways. Hundreds of thousands from around the globe will come together to enjoy the best this great city has to offer, which is the best our world has to offer. Detroit Mayor Dave Bing said, “Detroit is in the midst of a great transformation. Events such as the Detroit Electronic Music Festival will have a positive impact on our economy as well as showcase Detroit’s rich musical tradition”. Bringing the world together to dance is a timely celebration for our fair city. Next July, the Motor City reaches its special 313birthday (313 is the Detroit area code) and we are inviting the world to come and enjoy a party worthy of this milestone. Help us honor this great American center of culture the way it likes best: By throwing one great party.

Michael O’Callaghan, VP and COO of the Detroit Metropolitan Convention & Visitors Bureau shares, “The DMCVB thanks Carol Marvin and salutes her for her tenacity in delivering this event to Downtown Detroit in 2014. We know that more than 14 million people visit Metro Detroit annually and spend about $5.8 billion in our communities. Currently 6% of our guests are international visitors and we strive to grow this number. This festival will attract thousands of new visitors to our community, many from overseas who will spend dollars and result in advancing our success by having a significant economic impact on our region.

The DEMF and FEMT will also combine to form an unprecedented celebration of America’s birth. As we celebrate the founding of our great nation we are reminded of its motto: United We Stand. This special production is inspired to take this American call to action a step further, as a call to action for our entire world: United We Dance.

Please join us in Detroit on July 4th, 5th & 6th for the Detroit Electronic Music Festival & Federation of Electronic Music Technology. We look forward to dancing with you.

The DEMF – Detroit Electronic Music Festival and FEMT – Federation of Electronic Music Technology are produced and owned by American Entertainment Technology, LLC. a Detroit-based company dedicated to showcasing American culture for world  enjoyment. Its President is Carol Marvin, Executive Producer & Director of the DEMF & FEMT.


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