K-HAND Set to Headline FHM!
Mar 2015 27

K-HAND Set to Headline FHM!

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Fierce Hot Mess is set to host one of Detroit’s most respected DJs on Saturday, April 4th. K-HAND, founder of Acacia Records , is one of the most sought-after DJs globally. Her last performance, as closer of last year’s Dally In The Alley electronic stage, was epic and is still being talked about today.

“Everything has a tone. What you create in your tone will determine whether anyone will listen,” says HAND.

In over two decades as a businesswoman, multi-media artist, and DJ, Kelli Hand aka K-HAND, the First Lady of Detroit techno, continues to build an extraordinary career to stand upon. The music business is not for everyone and, where others may try to force it, K-Hand’s development as an artist is natural. From the beginning, Kelli’s childhood revolved around music, specifically the drums; also vocals culminated by her studying music theory in college. While studying in New York during the early ‘80s, she picked up another kind of musical education – literally soaking up the sounds of Larry Levan at the Paradise Garage and absorbing the songs she heard on that legendary dance floor into her own record collection, as nothing more than a bedroom DJ. Her next guiding light comes from the late Ken Collier in Detroit giving Kelli her first residency; she eventually reached the highest level of DJing, touring the world and delivering sets for iconic venues the likes of Ministry of Sound and Fabric (London), Club Yellow (Tokyo), and Tresor (Berlin).

k-hand1Producing as K-HAND, a pseudonym she took on to avoid gender stereotyping, is how she achieves such a global status. She turned down an early offer from Jeff Mills to release her very first record on UR in favor of starting her own label Acacia (previously named UK House Records under Etat Solide). The accolades rolled in and included being the first woman to release house and techno at the start of the ’90s, the first producer from Detroit to release on Warp Records in ’94, and the first artist to contribute an album to Studio !K7 in ’96. She also regularly factors into the mix as a representative for her city on compilations from Third Ear Recordings, Sublime Records, Tresor and more. In the late ’90s, Ausfahrt, Distance, Pandamonium, Peacefrog, and other imprints took notice, releasing more of her music.

Currently, the media, industry, and DJs alike are rediscovering K-Hand’s timeless output. Fact Magazine, Little White Earbuds, and Juno Records all herald her as a talent deserving more shine and still holding her place in the “Best of” charts. Ryan Elliott, Ben UFO, and Ben Klock select her early classics and give them new life on Panorama Bar and FABRICLIVE compilations.

Truly ahead of her time like much of her legendary Motor City peers, K-Hand is a phenom in her own right. Even after accomplishing so much, Kelli’s career remains driven by the belief that “everything is a work in progress” so she’s always striving toward new goals. While she’s not really the type to tell people what she’s going to do next – she just goes ahead and does it – it’s a safe bet for fans to keep their eyes on Acacia, now as much as ever, and trust K-Hand will deliver. To date, a new 12 inch vinyl release discovery is out now, entitled “Do it Again” on the heralded Berlin label Dockside Records.

“The Music Business isn’t for everybody. Life processes are natural, yet simple. My life lane has amazing experiences without force, thus, leads me to who I am today.” Hand continues to release fresh new music. Be on the lookout from the Acacia label!

Check K-HAND out at Fierce Hot Mess on Saturday, April 4, 2015. Located at The New Menjos Complex, 928 W. McNichols, Detroit, MI 48203. Doors at 10PM, 18+, NO COVER!