Let's Get Messy! Fierce Hot Mess Returns!
Sep 2013 25

Let’s Get Messy! Fierce Hot Mess Returns!

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Well, it’s been a minute! It’s time to get messy again, with all of your ratchet friends. According to the latest news, we even turned Miley Cyrus out a while back! We’ll dance and twerk all over this place, and if you fall, well shit, it’s ok! You’re a beautiful mess and so are we!


Adriel Fantastique

Mother Cyborg


10PM / 21+ / $5

Fierce Hot Mess is more than just a fantastic party…. FHM is a celebration of the extraordinary, a rally cry for individuals to come together and create a new sense of being. Known for remixing and re-imagine nightlife culture, FHM creates a fresh perspective of the new Detroit underground movement.

Fiercely loyal to having a dirty good time, the crowd dances the night away with reckless abandon as if no one is watching. Echoing the energy and creativity of Detroit’s 80’s, 90’s and 00’s club era, this collection of hipsters, punks, messes and glitterati knows how to party!!

This is the ultimate celebration of an alternate reality created by…YOU.

Escape from the blahs of the everyday. Grab life by the balls and make every second count.



Be a MESS.

Be who you really are!

The Old Miami

3930 Cass Avenue, Detroit, Michigan 48201