The Future is Now Pt. 2 Brooklyn Meets Detroit
Nov 2011 03

The Future is Now Pt. 2 Brooklyn Meets Detroit

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323East proudly announces The Future Is Now Part 2 will commence on November 5th. That date brings Kimyon Huggins, AVONE, and Ellis G all Brooklyn based artists into the Motor City spotlight – and possibly onto every available surface they find handy in and around these parts.
Indeed, this penultimate 2011 exhibit at the Royal Oak gallery is intended to be a veritable avalanche of creative energy and action. All 3 artists will be on hand for the artists reception November 5th from 6-11pm.

This trio of Brooklyn artists will also make a lasting impression on the gallery’s ongoing Woodward Windows Project with large public mural installations on Woodward Ave in Downtown Detroit. Woodward Windows is a public art installation co curated by 323East and SCM Studios. Woodward Windows is an ongoing project on the 1400 and 1500 block of Woodward Ave where artists revamp abandon and vacant store fronts and apply their art for the viewing public to experience.

Kimyon Huggins has gained no small measure of praise and acclaim for his skills in a variety of pursuits. A DJ with a passion for discovering those areas where music, technology, and the visual arts all intersect dynamically, his arrival here coincides with a new release “Platform View” on the Detroit techno-label Metroplex.

AVONE will also be part of this celebration. A noted urban artist with an almost preternatural instinct for provocation, he intends to bring both fresh works to 323East AND (with his Big Apple colleagues) create on-the-spot pieces. AKA DestroyRebuild (Destroy&RebuildNY), AVONE was once considered NYC most wanted street artist. His modus operandi depends on a cautious degree of exposure – especially in light of past arrest for graffiti and time spent in Rikers Island for his art form. Recently completing a 16′ x 34′ retro decade mural made to look like the side of one of those “Post no Bills” construction sites one sees as they traverse throughout Manhattan. This mural was created at Bar 89 in SOHO, NY.

Ellis G. like many of his peers, started as a graffiti artist on his native avenues. An event in his life – a moment when his very life was threatened, in fact – prompted him to commence a series of unique chalk drawings that strive to enhance and magnify the aura of everyday objects. Outlines of fire hydrants, milk crates, plants, bicycles, and anything else that bequeaths a haunting shadow on the face of the earth are his canvases – brief whispers of charm that are known to vanish with either the wind or the rain. The pieces he intends to create here will, we hope and trust, be permitted a longer range of existence.

This eventing at 323East will also be the official release of Kimyon Huggins’ “Platform View” on Metroplex, this will mark their first vinyl release in 7 years. Metroplex founded in 1985 by techno pioneer Juan Atkins in Detroit is one of the most important techno labels created in Detroit before 1990.

To mark the occasion, 323East and Metroplex will host an after party with Juan Atkins, Reel by Real Live, T. Linder+DJ Seoul, E.Spleece and more at Beautiful Machine located at 1431 Times Square, Detroit MI. from 10p – 4am.

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